Soter Fueling System, probe for Scepter PFC

  •  Soter Fuel System (SFS) probe to fit  Scepter® Smart Control 1 gal, 2 gal and 5 gal gas cans.
  • CARB compliant. CARB EO G-22-001
  • SFS provides the safest method for refueling chain saws
  • SFS helps to protect against dangerous fuel geysering by providing sealed refueling process
  • Provides the ability to reduce fuel vapor pressure in the equipment fuel tank that can cause vapor lock and hard starting
  • Virtually eliminates fuel spills, over filling, and dangerous fuel vapor during refueling
  • The Soter Fueling System consists of a receiver that is fitted to the equipment and the a probe that is fitted to fuel container.
  • The SFS probe and receiver are designed to work together and open sequentially as the probe is inserted into the receiver and provide an airtight refueling passage from the portable fuel container into the equipment gas tank with no external venting required for the transfer of fuel
  • Vaporless refueling requires use of portable fuel container equipped with SFS probe.  Use SFS Probe 08-0662 on MSR® style fuel bottles, 08-0738 Soter Probe on single use premix fuel cans, and 08-0680 Soter Probe on Scepter® Smart Control fuel cans (not included).  Currently, these are the only portable fuel containers that the SFS is designed to be used on.
  • Designed to work with Soter receiver 08-0661, 08-0718, and 08-0719 (not included)
  • Must be used with Soter Receiver installed in chainsaw. Soter Receiver 08-0661 is for specific models of Stihl saws with 1/4 turn cap, Soter Receiver 08-0718 is for specific models Husquavarna chain saws, and Soter Receiver 08-0719 is for Stihl MS 660 saws with screw in style cap.
  • Durable snap on dust cap
  • Item 08-0680 includes Soter Fueling System (SFS) probe only and does not include SFS receiver (sold separately) or portable fuel container
  • Covered by one or more of following patents - US10259700, US10618797, US10723612, US10766759, USD819785, EP3459778

Part No. 08-0680


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